Wetlandkeeper Participants

Hundreds of people have taken our nationally-recognized Streamkeepers course, which focuses on the basic skills of monitoring aquatic habitats and getting involved in local volunteer projects.

The Wetlandkeeper and Streamkeeper courses are taught by Michele Jones (R.P. Bio) and Julie Micksch, who are certified by the BC Wildlife Federation. Michele is a registered professional biologist and has had extensive educational experience with groups from 10 to 80 years of age, for more information check out her website www.mimulus.ca. Julie is an experienced wildlife biologist and has taught outdoor programs for over 10 years.

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Streamkeepers Course

The course covers streams includes both field and class work.  During a 2.5 day introduction to stream stewardship monitoring skills are emphasized. Participants will conduct habitat surveys, test water quality, sample and identify aquatic invertebrates and much more. Participants need a reasonable level of fitness (walking on trails and in-creek) for participation. Upon completion of the course, participants will be awarded a Streamkeepers Certificate.  For those wishing to download the manual,  download here.

The Pacific Streamkeepers FederationCapilano College and the federal Department of Fisheries and Oceans certify our Streamkeepers instructors.

Wetlandkeepers Course

The course will cover all types of wetlands, including estuaries.  During a 2.5 day introduction to wetland stewardship, participants will visit local wetlands, learn how to identify and map wetlands, and conduct plant and bird inventories.  Participants need a reasonable level of fitness (walking on trails and in-creek) for participation. Upon completion of the course, participants will be awarded a Wetlandkeepers Certificate from the BC Wildlife Federation.

Payment Amount

Additional Wetlandkeeper Resources

Beginners Guide to Birding by John Neville – info. at www.nevillerecording.com

Bird Songs of Canada’s West Coast by John Neville – info. at www.nevillerecording.com

Birding -Interactive and Audio CDs

Birds of North America – Interactive Multimedia Birding CD-Rom by The Cornell Lab of Ornithology More info at www.thayerbirding.com

The Comox Valley Naturalist Society – Monthly meetings are held at the Florence Filberg Centre (411 Anderton Avenue, Courtenay, BC) on the 3rd Sunday of the month at 7:00 pm.http://www.comoxvalleynaturalist.bc.ca

Birding Websites

Breeding Bird Atlas – The BC Breeding Bird Atlas is a seven year project to determine the distribution and relative abundance of birds across British Columbia. There is a wealth of information within this website including easy to download species list that you can customize to the area your visiting. http://www.birdatlas.bc.ca/english/index.jsp
Canadian Museum of Nature – Interactive website produced by Nature.ca Fun games for the beginner birder. Provides info on improving identification skills. Great website for kids too. http://nature.ca/discover/exb/index_e.cfm

Cornell Lab of Ornithology – An incredible birding resource for the beginner to advanced. Everything from “tips to identifying birds” to in depth research papers. http://www.birds.cornell.edu

Wildlife Tree Stewardship Program – Wildlife Tree Stewardship (WiTS) is an environmental stewardship program of BC Nature (The Federation of BC Naturalists). Their goal is the protection of Wildlife Trees – trees that provide habitat for nesting birds and other animals. http://www.wildlifetree.org

Mapping Websites

Comox Valley Regional District IMAP tool  – habitat atlas and orthophotos for the area within the CVRD  http://www.imap.rdcs.bc.ca/imap/onpoint

Community Mapping Network – includes SHIM (Sensitive Habitat Inventory Mapping), BC Wetlands, Wildlife Tree Atlas, The Canada Bird Studies Atlas and many, many more… www.shim.bc.ca

Declination Calculator –  geomag.nrcan.gc.ca/apps/mdcal-eng.php

Species at Risk and Wildlife Websites

BC Frog Watch Program – The BC Frogwatch is a program to collect information on frog and toad populations in British Columbia. www.env.gov.bc.ca/wld/frogwatch
BC Species and Ecosystems at Risk – www.env.gov.bc.ca/atrisk/toolintro.html

Manuals and other Wetland Resources

The BC Wildlife Federation Wetlandkeepers Program – workshops that educate participants about wetland restoration, rehabilitation and conservation. www.bcwf.bc.ca/programs/wetlands/wetlandkeepers.html

Resource Inventory Committee Standards (RISC) – The committee that develops resource inventory standards (flora and fauna) for BC –  www.ilmb.gov.bc.ca/risc/standards.htm
Wetlands of BC – Guide to Classification  www.for.gov.bc.ca/hfd/pubs/docs/lmh/lmh52.htm

Mimulus Biological Consultants – Mimulus Biological Consultants based in the Comox Valley is a respected, consulting firm that provides consulting, inventory and assessment service  www.mimulus.ca


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