Eelgrass planting activities

Volunteers Needed for Eelgrass Planting!

Project Watershed needs volunteers to help transplant eelgrass for our Blue Carbon project.

As you have probably heard by now, we have received funding to develop a protocol to determine how much carbon is sequestered by eelgrass in the estuary. We have marked out the plots and taken our sediment samples and now we need to fill them in with these amazing plants that remove carbon from the atmosphere better than mature coniferous trees, reduce storm surge damage to the shoreline and provide great habitat for tons of different critters, from fish to shellfish to crab to whatever.

We will be harvesting the plants from around 9:00 am until around 11:30 am and then tieing washers to them for a few hours on 8 Aug.

We will then be transplanting the prepared eelgrass from around 10:00am until around 12:00pm on 9 Aug.

Lunch will be provided so please let us know if you can volunteer alongside Project Watershed staff on either or both of these days.

Your time and energy is greatly appreciated!