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Educational Activities & Opportunities

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Educational Events

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Find out more about Project Watershed’s volunteer and membership opportunities.

Volunteer, Membership and Community Events Update

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Estuary Archeology and Fish Traps

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Forage Fish Activities

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Report on the Estuary Gala Campaign

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You can view more media from the Estuary Gala Gathering held in 2010 on

Thank You to our Sponsors & Funders!

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Project Watershed thanks Community Way businesses

Project Watershed would like to extend a big thanks to Fluid Bar & Grill, Mike Toulmin Construction, and Good Karma Delivery for their donation of community way dollars (cw$).

These dollars will help us promote stewardship of Comox Valley Watersheds through education, information and action. Currently we are focusing much of our work on the Courtenay River Estuary. The Courtenay River Estuary is the heart of our watershed, not to mention a unique and special feature of the Comox Valley. We are concerned about its health, and through our Estuary Working Group are striving for increased protection and restoration. The Estuary Committee has estimated it to cost over $100,000/year to protect and restore the estuary – we need every dollar we can get. To learn more about Project Watershed’s programs and initiatives visit  You can also find us on

Project Watershed is a registered charity and funding for our activities depends on governments, foundations, memberships and local businesses. Community Way gives charities like Project Watershed a new avenue for fund generation that everyone in the community can be a part of.

If you own a business please consider joining community way and donate to Project Watershed. It is an excellent way to promote your business. Since Project Watershed is a registered charity we will issue a charitable tax receipt allowing your business to claim the donation against your taxes.

The community way dollars you donate to Project Watershed will go towards protecting the beautiful and highly cherished natural environment of the Comox Valley. To find out more about joining community way visit

Another way to support your community is to buy cw$.  Buying cw$ from Project Watershed is similar to donating but better as you get to use your money twice; first by supporting Project Watershed and again by purchasing from local businesses. Visit our offices at 2356a Rosewall Cres in Tin Town or call (250) 703-2871.

To find out more about Fluid Bar & Grill, M. Toulmin Construction and Good Karma Delivery and other organisations that are part of the community way project, please visit their website at or click on the image below.

Call to Artists and Creative Writers

Mingling WatersJoin us to inspire the vision and open the dialogue for creating the return of abundance by perserving the Courtenay River Estuary.

Project Watershed and the Estuary Working Group are holding an art and creating writing competition and silent auction for Keeping It Living.  For further details, click here

Holbrook’s Heirloom Woodshoppe chips in at Project Watershed

Project Watershed has just received a new custom made kitchen unit courtesy of nationally renowned cabinet maker Paul Holbrook from Holbrook’s Heirloom Woodshoppe. Project Watershed has been looking for a kitchen unit for the new Conservation Centre since they moved offices back in June and was elated when Mr.Holbrook volunteered to build and install a custom made cabinet set.

The cabinets (pictured in this article) are made of yellow cedar and covered with a maple counter top. Interestingly enough, the yellow cedar which was used to build this piece is in a sense recycled making it a fitting addition to the Conservation Centre. Another interesting fact which Mr.Holbrook relayed is that yellow cedar isn’t a true cedar – it is actually a cypress and may be transferred into a new genus along with the newly discovered Vietnamese Golden Cypress at the International Botanical Congress in 2011.

Regardless of the nomenclature the kitchen cabinets are thoroughly appreciated in the Conservation Centre at 2356a Rosewall Crescent. Even though Holbrook’s Heirloom Woodshoppe is located in Powell River, Paul Holbrook makes and installs kitchens, windows and doors up and down the Sunshine Coast, in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island. To see more of his work visit