Chief Everson

On the afternoon of June 15th the rain cleared, the sun came out and the K’omoks First Nation Kumugwe Dancers lead by Chief Robert Everson took to the lawn in front of Locals Restaurant for the K’ómoks Estuary Seafood Dinner. “The dinner was our first  BC Shellfish and Seafood Festival event and we are very happy with it’s success” reported Paul Horgen, Project Watershed Chair.

The dinner was to celebrate and honor the work done by Nancy Greene and David McGee on the Ancient Fish Traps in the K’ómoks Estuary published last December in the Canadian Journal of Archeology and the K’ómoks people. Nancy Greene, David McGee and Rod Hietzmann shared some of their finding and gave the audience an insight into what it was like to work on this project that spanned over a decade.

Nancy Greene

Also on the lawn was a scale model 1/8th of the size of an Ancient Cheveron Fish Trap created with help from Paul Holbrook of Holbrook’s Heirloom Woodshoppe using the measurements from Nancy Greene et al’s paper.”It’s great to have created this model for us all to use to help get the public’s mind around what the Fish Traps looked like.” Cory Frank, K’ómoks First Nation.

The evening featured a presentation by Dan Bowen on Project Watershed’s current and future activities as well as two of the three K’ómoks Estuary audio-video productions by Emily Carr students completed this April – What is an Estuary and The K’ómoks Estuary Speaks.

Estuary Game Centre Pieces

Estuary-ers Centre Pieces

However, the main focus of the evening was an Estuary focused game called the “Estuary-ers” where each table of eight had to work together to build a model estuary on their table – with the most productive estuary winning. Real salt marsh plants that Project Watershed was planting in Royston the follow weekend were used along with chocolate fish (provided by Hot Chocolates), candy worms, and frogs. By spending money buying Project Watershed items or donating to the Society diners earned points for the plants and creatures to build there Estuary with. “We wanted to showcase the need for working together to protect and restore the estuary.” said Caila Holbrook, Outreach Coordinator.

Diners really got into the game and competition was heavy; only a few points separated the top four teams. The table sponsored by Ecofish won, receiving a 2 hour boat cruise donated by Danny Clair of Comox Harbour Charters. “The dinner was a fun, engaging and delicious way to learn about and support Project Watershed’s initiatives” said Deb Lacroix of Ecofish.

Bob Wells of My Tech Guys

Bob Wells of My Tech Guys

The dinner and game raised over $2,000 to go towards the protection and restoration of the K’ómoks Estuary. “We are pleased with the success of this event and are planning to hold another one in conjunction with the BC Shellfish Festival next year.” reports Paul Horgen, Project Watershed Chair.

Project Watershed would like to extend a big thank you to all the businesses who contributed door prizes and silent auction items. “We would also like to give special thanks to Bob Wells of My Tech Guys for donating and running the audiovisual equipment, Pieter Vorster of Pod Creative for his role as Emcee, SureCopy for some last minute printing and the staff of Locals for a great evening.” said Holbrook.

Thanks Again to our Silent Auction and Door Prize Sponsors!