Holbrook’s Heirloom Woodshoppe chips in at Project Watershed

Project Watershed has just received a new custom made kitchen unit courtesy of nationally renowned cabinet maker Paul Holbrook from Holbrook’s Heirloom Woodshoppe. Project Watershed has been looking for a kitchen unit for the new Conservation Centre since they moved offices back in June and was elated when Mr.Holbrook volunteered to build and install a custom made cabinet set.

The cabinets (pictured in this article) are made of yellow cedar and covered with a maple counter top. Interestingly enough, the yellow cedar which was used to build this piece is in a sense recycled making it a fitting addition to the Conservation Centre. Another interesting fact which Mr.Holbrook relayed is that yellow cedar isn’t a true cedar – it is actually a cypress and may be transferred into a new genus along with the newly discovered Vietnamese Golden Cypress at the International Botanical Congress in 2011.

Regardless of the nomenclature the kitchen cabinets are thoroughly appreciated in the Conservation Centre at 2356a Rosewall Crescent. Even though Holbrook’s Heirloom Woodshoppe is located in Powell River, Paul Holbrook makes and installs kitchens, windows and doors up and down the Sunshine Coast, in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island. To see more of his work visit www.holbrooksheirloomwoodshoppe.com.

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