The 2019 image for our Keeping It Living Campaign is a photograph we are calling “Looking Up” by Eiko Jones. It features a ladder scaling the 440 meter steel wall of the Kus-kus-sum site. The wall has been nicknamed “the killing wall” due to its use by seals to prey efficiently on salmon which must pass by it on their migration out to the ocean as smolts and again on their way up the Puntledge, Morrison and Tsolum rivers to spawn. The shot was taken underwater looking up the ladder.

In addition to this being an intriguing photo from a unique perspective, it speaks to where we are in the fundraising campaign to purchase and restore the Kus-kus-sum site. We still have to raise $170,000 from the community before the end of the year in addition to the millions we need to garner from other sources.  However, our community has coalesced around us – the goal is in sight and we are climbing the ladder together.

  • Over 2700 people have contributed to the Kus-kus-sum initiative.
  • We have raised over $1 million.
  • The Estuary Angel is matching the next $100,000 of community donations.
  • We have a variety of funding applications of the go.
  • It is looking up.

Looking Up – Eiko Jones

The Keeping It Living photograph will be used in our 2019 campaign media and be made into art cards and prints that we will give away as a token of our appreciation for donations. Paper prints will be made of this image to accompany donations of $150 or more, canvas prints will be made to accompany donations of $1000 or more. Please note that due to CRA rules a deduction is made for canvas prints.  Donate now to get one of the first prints of this image.

Waiting on the tide – Norm Prince