Project Watershed, in partnership with the Courtenay Airpark Association and Comox Valley Nature, are stewarding the Airpark for Earth Week on April 26 & 27. “We have been doing stewardship activities at the Airpark for quite a few years now. It is an important habitat due its location and public profile, ” commented Dan Bowen, Technical Director. While the group will do some planting, they will focus on problem management as many of the plants from previous years didn’t fare well due to rabbit herbivory and competition from invasive species. To combat this, volunteers will be involved with removing invasive species and installing cages to protect plants from rabbits. Ecofish, an environmental monitoring and assessment firm, will sponsor the plants that are purchased for the event and Chinook Forest Products Ltd. will provide mulch for them.

The main event is on Friday April 26 from 9 am to 3 pm. Volunteers are welcome to come out for a full day or a half day. The Airpark Association will hold a BBQ for volunteers at noon. In addition, the Association is helping fund some of the plants and doing ongoing watering.

On April 26 we will be working with a group of two Grade 6/7 classes from Lake Trail from 9:30 am til 11:30 pm. Volunteers are needed to assist the students in the stewardship tasks – snacks will be provided.

Everyone should bring gloves, a water bottle and hat. Long sleeves and sturdy pants are recommended for blackberry removal. If you have long handled clippers please bring them with your name on them.

Volunteers are encouraged to take a break from the hands-on activities to learn about the goose fencing that has been put up beside Dyke Slough. Art Martell, ornithologist, and Jennifer Sutherest, biologist, will lead the mini tours and answer questions.

The event is free but we ask that people sign up to give us an idea of numbers for the BBQ and the activities. There will be a donation jar on site if you are so inclined!

We hope to see you there.

Earth Week Activities

  • Planting

    Help plant native shrubs and trees

  • Removing Invasives

    Help tackle blackberry, tansy and knotweed

  • Goose Fencing

    Learn more about the fencing in the slough beside Comox Road