Nomadic Tempest Tall Ship Show at Kus-kus-sum

Join friends, neighbours from across the Comox Valley and up and down Vancouver island for a once in a lifetime opportunity. Not only will you see a live theatrical performance from the Caravan Theatre Company on the rigging of a tall ship,  you will also be  seated on the edge of the Courtenay River at Kus-kus-sum, known to many as the “Old Field Sawmill Site”. The event will take place over 4 nights, and will form a colourful part of Canada Week Celebrations in the City of Courtenay.

This remarkable cultural event will feature a theatrical and visual arts spectacle called The NOMADIC TEMPEST. It is being co-presented by Project Watershed and Elevate with 100% proceeds going towards the restoration and purchase of Kus-kus-sum.  The event will include preshow music and arts performances, onsite food truck vendors and more…

Dates and Times: June 28, 29, 30 and July 1, 8pm-11pm
Ticket Prices: Adult $25, Child 14 and under $10

The event is an unique opportunity to “Elevate the Estuary” and bring the community together, on site, to re-imagine this space and contribute to its transformation! Each of the 4 performance nights will feature pre show concerts , hands on art activities, food vendors and much more more…

What’s the show all about? The NOMADIC TEMPEST tells the story of four climate refugees of a fictional planet that has been taken over by an alien monster, Lord SwallowWart. This alien is overlording the planet, smoking & swallowing all above and all below. The climate refugees are aerial artists that dance, and fly through the sky above the decks of the Amara Zee, the Caravan’s 100ft ship.

The ship will dock alongside the steel wall on the Kus-kus-sum property. The audience for the show will be seated in an enclosure on shore.

Tickets are on sale now at:
Project Watershed Offices, 2356 Rosewall Crescent

more venues to follow…

Thank you to our sponsors