Mike Bell, Co-chair of Sierra Club Comox Valley, announced today that Project Watershed will make the keynote presentation at its Annual Members and Friends Meeting.  Project Watershed will describe the various projects they are involved in on the estuary.

The meeting will take place on Tuesday, February 22 from 7-9 p.m. at the Women’s Resource Centre #1-1491 McPhee Ave, Courtenay.

“We are delighted that Project Watershed has agreed to be with us,” said Bell. “Over the past two and a half years they have pulled together a talented group of technical experts to work on preserving and restoring the Courtenay River Estuary.  It is amazing that, in such a short period of time, they have been able to accomplish so much, establish credibility and develop such strong roots in our community. They are leaders in estuary restoration in this province and undoubtedly in Canada as a whole.”

At the same meeting Sierra Club CV will review the past year of activism and outline plans for the future.  Much of the future work will center around the concept of the Courtenay River Estuary as an Eco-neighbourhood.

Bell noted that over the past few years Sierra Club CV has learned a lot from its work. “It is not enough just to be against something,” Bell said.  “We also have to be for something. That is why we will introduce and seek input from the group on the Courtenay River Estuary as an Eco-Neighbourhood.  We think it is an exciting concept that will help in the community’s efforts to preserve and restore the estuary.”

If you are interested in this wonderful estuary that is such a gift to our community you will want to be with us next Tuesday evening at the Women’s Resource Center in Courtenay. Everyone is welcome.

Mike Bell


Mike Bell,Co-Chairperson, Sierra Club Comox Valley

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