Dr Paul Horgen

Dr Paul Horgen

The Annual General Meeting was a successful event with Dr. Paul Horgen being elected the Chair and two new board members added to the roster to complete the 2011/12 board. Details of the board member complement and committee assignments can be found on the Project Watershed website.


Since the AGM, there has been a restructuring of the Technical Committee into three to allow more focused work. These are: the Estuary Restoration and Protection Committee, The Project Watershed Technical Committee and The Mapping Centre.


The Estuary Working group and the Education and Outreach committee have been busy this summer and some of their activities are highlighted below:


The Education and Outreach committee has been conducting an Estuary residents/ businesses survey. They are asking about living/ working along the estuary.  How familiar people are with the biology and the workings of the estuary and asking respondents what they consider major issues affecting the Courtenay River estuary.  There will be additional subjective information in these exchanges and that will also be recorded.  A representative 10% sample is the goal in order to do a complete analysis of the gathered information.


The National Historic Site Committee, a sub-group of the Estuary Working group is celebrating the recent major public event held on September 4th.  Their goal is to gain National Historic Site status for the ancient fish trap systems in the estuary.  The initial steps in this process were being celebrated on Sept. 4th with our partners the KFN.


Each of the committees of Project Watershed is featured on the Project Watershed website where you can read in more detail about their work and discover volunteer opportunities that are open to you.  We invite you to become an important part of this vibrant organization and lend your hand to restoring, preserving and protecting our Comox Valley Watersheds.

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