Project Watershed Recognizes City of Courtenay for New Spill Response Trailer

During the Fall of 2015 there were two events causing oil spills into the K’omoks Estuary. The October event was caused by a leaking residential oil tank which caused a major spill and the November event was caused by a plane crashing into the estuary. Project Watershed was concerned about the suitable and available equipment and communication protocol for these spill responboom horizontal smallses. These events were certainly a learning experience for the City of Courtenay and local environmental steward groups.

Project Watershed is now pleased to see that the City of Courtenay has added a spill response trailer to their Public Works Services. “The spill response trailer keeps the tools and supplies needed to deal with a spill neatly organized in one place, ready to use at a moment’s notice” as explained in the Comox Valley Echo July 26, 2015.  For issues, please contact Public Works Services at 250-338-1525 or email or after hours call 250-334-2947.



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