Project Watershedis  gearing up for a busy June. There is one month to go until it is time for our third payment to Interfor for the Kus-kus-sum site, and we have some fundraising and awareness raising to do. We need to raise close to $50,000 this month and hope you can find a few hours here or there to help us out ~ many hands make this big job possible.

To volunteer at an event or to help us out in a different way, fill out the volunteer form below. Please note this is a different form than the one sent out in February as this one has many events and dates that were not known to us in February.

Event Dates

  • Bike to Kus-kus-sum at the end of Bike to Work Week –  9:30am to 1pm, The Broken Spoke, 420 Fitzgerald Ave, Courtenay – VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ASAP

  • Fish and Game Outdoor Show; 10-4pm, 3780 Colake Road (on Comox Lake)-  VOLUNTEERS NEEDED ASAP

  • Seafood Festival Expo, Gala Dinner Silent Auction, Comox by the Sea Celebration, various locations and times

  • June 20th & 21st

    Aboriginal Day Celebration at K’ómoks First Nation, 3330 Comox Road (21st, 3-8pm) and Queenesh School, 1234 Mission Rd. (20th, 2:30-3:30 & 21st, 11:45-2:00pm)

Thank you for helping us with Keeping it Living,
The Project Watershed Fundraising and Outreach Team