On May 11th, Project Watershed is looking for volunteers, especially those who identify as seniors or elders, to help Grade 2 students from Arden Elementary plant native species around the Airpark and learn about the ecology and history of the area. On May 10th, volunteers are also needed to plant salt marsh and assist in gathering dune grass for students to plant the next day. The salt marsh planting and dune grass gathering will be done near the Royston Wrecks. “We have some salt marsh plants left over from our last plant near the Royston Wrecks and know that the area has healthy populations of dune grass. We saw this as an opportunity to do two things at once.”stated Dan Bowen, Project Watershed Technical Director.

More Information on the Stations


Planting – Planting will occur in the Airpark around the lagoon. Two of the groups will plantdune grass and the other two groups will plant tree and shrub species such as ocean spray, Pacific ninebark, Red Elderberry, and Pacific crab apple. The children will need a lot of assistance digging the holes for planting .

Model Fish Trap and PW Newt at Puntledge Salmon Day

Naturalists Walk – The walk will take groups from the Planting Station, at the northern end of the lagoon, along the Riverway path down to the beach at the new salt marsh islands to Mansfield Drive. The students will have a checklist of things they will be looking out for.

Fish Traps – The walk will end on the beach in front of Mansfield Drive, and we will look for fish trap stake remnants in this location. The remnant stakes will be flagged so that we can “see“ the shape of an ancient fish trap.

Story Time – Jarret Krentzel, from Hand in Hand Early Years Nature Education Program will be reading “The Great Plastic Roundup”.

The gathering and planting on the 10th of May will start at 9:30am and go until we are finished, which will likely be around noon. All are welcome to join us for this spring time estuary gardening.

The activities on the 11th at the Airpark will start at 9:30am and go til 1:30pm with a break for recess and lunch. We have four activities planned: Planting, Naturalist Walk, First Nation Fish Trap Building and Exploring, and Story Time.

Volunteers are asked to meet at 9:00am on the grass in front of the Mansfield Drive parking lot and are reminded to dress for the weather (hat, sunscreen or rain jacket), wear rain boots, and to bring a water bottle and snacks. If you want to volunteer but can’t make the whole day, 9-1:30pm, then come for half of it – either 9am to 11:15am or 11:15am to 1:30pm.

If you are interested in volunteering on either days please email info@projectwatershed.ca or call us at 250-703-2871. Include the day and times you are available.

This event is part of our new initiative to engage seniors in environmental education for elementary students. “We see this project as a way to pass on a culture of stewardship from one generation to the next; keeping the information, and our local environment, living.” stated Paul Horgen, Chair of Project Watershed.