WANTED: Streamkeepers

Do you like being outdoors? Looking for a way to make a change in your neighborhood? Want to meet other people who care about the environment?

Glen Urquhart Creek and Mallard Creek are in need of volunteers to organise into a Streamkeepers group. These two creeks are located on the Estuary flats and run through East Courtenay and Area B in to the Dyke Slough (see map). The portion of Glen Urquhart on the flats is fish bearing as is the Mallard. Both have been affected by human settlement and require attention of a few caring volunteers. Project Watershed Society is offering mentoring to get you on your way.    

The Comox Valley is a network of streams and rivers. These waterways and their associated riparian areas move water, nutrients and sediment through the Valley, provide habitat for a vast number of species and make our Valley a scenic and lush place to live. Many of the major stream systems have a Streamkeeper group who help keep them healthy with tasks like invasive species removal, unplugging blockages, water quality testing, and fish habitat restoration. Some streamkeepers groups stay small and others become large organisations that embark on exciting projects and public education. Millard-Piercy Creek Streamkeepers (http://www.millardpiercy.org/)  and Brooklyn Creek Watershed Society (http://brooklyncreek.ca/) are good examples of larger groups stewarding urban streams.

If you are interested in becoming part of a Streamkeepers group for the Glen Urquhart/Mallard Creeks or are interested in Streamkeeping in general contact Project Watershed cvpwbill@gmail.com.

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