Working with the K’ómoks Nation towards Q’waq’wala7owkw on their unceded territory.

Working with the K’ómoks Nation towards Q’waq’wala7owkw on their unceded territory.

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High Profile Airpark Breach Project
Monday Jun 15 – Friday Jun 26
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Hello Everyone – We are excited to say that we have received funding to carry out the Airpark Breach and improve the habitat in the Courtenay Airpark lagoon! But that means we need a lot of volunteers to help engage with the public and inform them about the the importance of this project. We also may have some other miscellaneous tasks we’ll need help with, none of which will be too strenuous.

If you are able to spare some time during this Period please click on the link above to sign up for a date and time that works for your schedule. Thanks in advance!



  • Wear clothing appropriate to the weather – we work rain or shine!
  • Consider walking, cycling, carpooling or taking the bus to the event.
  • Bring lots of water.
  • We will arrange for some snacks and a chair to sit on.

Please feel to contact Jennifer Sutherst, Estuary Coordinator at:
Where to go?
Trail closureYou’ll be assigned to either Station 1 at the Courtenay Marina trail closure or Station 2 at the Rotary Skypark end of the airpark walkway. But if you do have a location preference please let us know on the sign up form.

Layne and Brenda of 40 KNOTS with Caitlin Pierzchalski ~ L.Stewart