Working with the K’ómoks Nation towards Q’waq’wala7owkw on their unceded territory.

Working with the K’ómoks Nation towards Q’waq’wala7owkw on their unceded territory.

Rachelle and Ross

Rachelle from Coastal Invasive Species Committee talking to Ross Munro from Royston House Bed and Breakfast

Project Watershed officially launched the Interactive K’ómoks Estuary Map and 2016 Keeping It Living Campaign at the Conservation Centre Open House February 26th. It was a packed event and a warm welcome to the Coastal Invasive Species Committee, the newest member of the Conservation Centre.
Interactive Map Viewer

Interactive Map Explorer

The Interactive K’ómoks Estuary Map was shown on multiple computer stations for Open House visitors to explore and ask questions. It is now available at – bookmark it! It is a compilation of all the data that Project Watershed has collected on the Estuary. It includes real time water gauge information, birding information, site/project specific videos and slideshows, an inventory of restoration projects and more. Information will be added and updated yearly.
Estuary Greens - Brian Buckrell

Estuary Greens – Brian Buckrell

The Keeping It Living 2016 artwork was unveiled to be Brian Buckrell”s Estuary Greens. Limited edition prints are now available for donations or sponsorships over $100. To find out more CLICK HERE. In lieu of an art auction and competition this year we have partnered with students from the Emily Carr University of Art and Design. They are going to be using the estuary as inspiration to create an audiovisual experience to be presented on April 12th at the Courtenay Museum from 7-9pm.
This year the campaign is celebrating the Ancient Fish Traps and Shellfish Gardens brought to light through recent archaeology work. Nancy Greene, a Comox Valley local, has just had her groundbreaking research published in the Canadian Journal of Archaeology. Her research shows that a massive fishery was carried out by the First Nations for over 1000 years. Some of the fish trap stakes she carbon dated were shown to be over 1000 years old! To read more on her research CLICK HERE. To celebrate these findings Project Watershed is holding a variety of events which will highlight elements of this research through mixed media and keynote speakers ! For more on these events visit Project Watershed’s Keeping It Living page and calendar.

Layne and Brenda of 40 KNOTS with Caitlin Pierzchalski ~ L.Stewart