Working with the K’ómoks Nation towards Q’waq’wala7owkw on their unceded territory.

Working with the K’ómoks Nation towards Q’waq’wala7owkw on their unceded territory.

Friends of Kus-kus-sum

Below is a list of all the people and organisations that contributed to Project Watershed and Kus-kus-sum. We appreciate every donation large or small as it all gets us closer to transforming the eyesore in the heart of our Valley into functioning habitat. Look out for upcoming events and ways to help us unpave a parking lot and put up a paradise at Kus-kus-sum.

Names are current as of March 1, 2020 – they will be updated quarterly. If you don’t see your name listed below and you donated before March 2020 it is probably because we did not receive your permission to list your name. If you would like to give us this permission please email or call 250-703-2871.

We have met and surpassed our first, second, third and fourth community goals!

Platinum Sponsors


Denton Family Foundation
Blue Moon Foundation

Ken Kirkby and Nana Cook
Li-Grimmer Family

MapleCross Fund
Ngan Page Family Fund

Janine Martin & Dave Procter


Gold Sponsors

Odlum Brown Logo
Alan John Ferguson Fund
Alexandra Calland
Bill and Val Heath
B. Walwork & C. Connell
Gary Rhindress
The Horgen Family
In Memory of Trevor Ashwell

JMGL Investments
L Leslie
Marianne Muir
Naomi Panchyson

Shauna &  Doug Veale
Sheila Borman and Tom Bennett
+6 other anonymous donor

Silver Sponsors


Bronze Sponsors

Trees and Shrub Sponsors

Verna and Gary Ardron
Matthew Beckett – Coastal Community Private Wealth Group
Peter Blackmore
Betty’s Birding Party
Delores Broten
Brian Buckrell Art
Will Cole-Hamilton
Comox Valley Shellfish Festival Booth & Silent Auction
Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship
Creekside Commons
In Memory of David Dickinson

Cory Frank
Jim Gillis
Carl Graves
Robert Hauser
Bill Heidrick and Kathie Woodley
William Henderson
Highland Secondary Interact Club
Doug Hillian’s Retirement Party
Frieda Home
David & Chantal Frisch
Sheila Inglis
Martha Jablonski Jones
Lesley Krainer

Helen Matthews
Kevin McPhail
Norma Morton
Ross Munro
Sheila Precious
Diane and Jay Van Oostdam
Glenn Ord
Darrell Tomkins & Bruce Bagley
Ron & Sandi Ulmi
Sharon Waldman
In memory of Jane Wareing
B. Walwork & C. Connell
Norm Wiens
+ 20 other anonymous donors

Channels and Ponds Sponsors

Megan Ardyche
Myles Armstead + Sylvia Boss
Patricia Carl
Randy Chatterjee
Creatures of the Sun
Bruce & Leslie Corra
Don Castleden’s 80th Birthday
Carol Coupland
Robert Eberle

Janet Fairbanks & Wayne Bradley
Mary M. Gray
Ellen van Heerden
C. Hodgson
In memory of Werner & Henry Koop
Deb Lacroix
Brenda Latta
Mackenzie Gartside & Associates
David McKenzie
Mex Pub Fundraiser with Watershed

Pam and Don Munroe
Jocelyn & Steven Ondre
Naomi Panchyson
Eric Pattison
Peter and Laurie Rippon
Drs. S. Watters & C. Bullock
Jane & Wayne Wilson
Amy Yakimyshyn
+ 25 other anonymous donors

Mid/High Salt Marsh Sponsors

Don and Glayne Axtell
Blue Spruce Ice Cream
Chris Bowman
Brooklyn Elementary School
Don and Jaye Castleden
Comox Nautical Days
Bruce Mitchell & Carol Coxon
Dr. E L (Betty) Donaldson
Robert Eberle & Pauline Thompson

John North
Monica Grunberg
Monica Gewurz
Nourish Wellness Comox
Pat & Dee
Denise Savoie
In Memory of Betty Smith
Stock Blinds
Mark Tardif

“Towards a great undertaking”
James Vasilyev
Mason Walker
Lorraine Waring
Ronald Watkins
Lucille Wilson
+ 84 other anonymous donors

Low Salt Marsh Sponsors

Amanda and John
Mardy Bodie-Atkin
David & June Ballantyne
Anika Barlow
Gayle Bates
Candace Batycki
Janet Beggs
Jim Belair
D. Berry
David Berry
BC Institute of Agrologists
Bill Boham
Betty Brooks
Rhonda Burden
Peggy Carswell
Celtic Cargo Club
Charbonneau/McCrea Family
Council of Canadians
Dianna Colnett and Ian Guthrie
Audrey-May & Vince Colwell
Comox Paddlers Club
Comox Valley Climate Change Network
Comox Valley Probus Club
Comox United Church
Colleen Cooper
Wilf Craats & Helen Koziol
Heather Crites
Sylvia Dakin
Astrid Davidson
Robert & Judy Davidson
Susan Denny
In Memory of Gwen Drummond
Dub in the Park
Ecole Robb Road Elementary Students
Edible Island
Fraser Basin Council Society
For Sol & Tai

Diana & Terry Fright
Catherine Gailloux
Jan Gemmell
Dale Graham
Suzanne Gravelle
Samantha Green
Paulette Greig
Cathy Grimstead
Kathy Haigh
Colleen and Mark Hanley
Susan Hannon
Debbie Haynes
Roy Heaton
Michele Hind
Eugene & Deb Hrushowy
Chris and Molly Hilliar
Bruce Johnstone
The Kelp Collective
The Kenny Family
Mark Kelsey
Ki Fitness & Health
Rosilyn King
Stephen Kormilo
Edward Lafleur
Lisa and David
Kate Laughlin
Sharon MacLeod
Colin & Janice Marlow
Laura Matemisz
Timothy McCarroll
Brian McKay
Marg & George McKenzie
Donna McKinnon
Mel McLachlan
Kevin McPhail
Mary Mitchell

Norma Morton
Calum Orr & Jack Keating – 6th Birthday party
Tom Pater
Paterson Family
Kate Peatfield
Maaike Pen
Renée Poisson
Provincial Employees Community Services Fund
Murray and Beth Rees
Bert and Mejan Reijm
Run to Beer Comox Valley
Ron Sawula
Gae Sellstedt
Lynn Shaw and Reg Howard
David Shewchuk
John Snyder
Sandra Somers
Ernie Stefanik
Kasia Stepien
Ron Stocker
The Sundberg/Piercy Family
Jennifer Sutherst
Stuart and Jean Swain
David H Talbot
Ward Thompson
Tom Tinsley
Marc Villanueva
In Memory of Gordon & Ivy Wagner
Keith Wallace
Terri Watts
Carol White
Shannon White
Kathleen Wilkinson
Patti Willis
Donald Winstone
Olivia Woodley
Clyde and Ileana Woolman
Lois Yoshida
Donna Young
Frank Young
+ 205 other anonymous donors

Invertebrate Sponsors

Marj Adams
David Anson
Jim Benninger
Ted Benson
Lisa & Mike Bryan
Atlas Café
Dawn Christian
Colleen Cooper
Catherine Crowe
Bob Davidson
Ivonne Doust
Beth England
Charlotte E Ericson
Verena Fischer
Julie Gibson
Karen Graham
Georgia Greetham
Stacey & Constance Gutierrez
Leslie Herauf
Maybeth Hoagland
Cindy Horton

In memory of Christine Jenner
Jennifer Johnstone
Malcolm Jolly
Kairos Guest Suite
Rod & Evelyn Keith
Lori Kublik
John and Laurie Laing
Lisa Lauf
Linda Magnuson
Margaret Manville
Dominique McGrady
Bob & Grace McPhail
Roberta Meilleur
Judi Murakami
Nick & Lynnette Nesling
Carol Nielse
Naomi Petersen
James Redditt
G. Rehwald
N. St Hilaire
Sam & Wind

Suzanne Sawyer
Ms. Kathy Slater
Rosemary Sparham and Rodney Jones
Kathy & Rick Tae
Sarena Talbot
Valerie Taylor
Farrell & Christine Vanderree
BQE Water
Kathleen Wilkinson
Nicole, Jim, Jack & Matthew Wright
Todd Zaborniak
Jacqueline Zacharias
+ 56 other anonymous donors

Microorganism Sponsors

Frank and Gillian Anderson
Kirsten Bradley
Jim Cleveland
CV Red Tent Womens Circles
Irene Daigle
Adrienne Daniel
Anne Davidson
Natalie Fisher
Debbie Haynes
Debby Lynn Howard

Sara Kerr
Brianne Labute
Todd Lambeth
Penny MacDonald
Heather Kennedy-MacNeill
Stephanie and Cameron McGowan
Sue McKitrick
Aiva Noringseth
Kelley Romeril

John Simmons
“For the love of the Dorothy trees at the Courtenay River estuary. With love, Ashley Sykes”
Sandy Vernon
Kelli D Verboom
Pam Young
Terri Young
+ 92 other anonymous donors

Layne and Brenda of 40 KNOTS with Caitlin Pierzchalski ~ L.Stewart