A Special Day on the water in the Comox Valley

Hello From the Comox Valley Project Watershed Society, Estuary Working Group,

A special day for Families, Visitors,and Local Residents :

‘Keeping it Living 2012’ is the third year of the campaign raising awareness for the protection & restoration of the Courtenay River (K’omoks) Estuary. Coordinated by Project Watershed Society and the Estuary Working Group, the campaign includes the ‘Blue Forest: Art for the Estuary’ art auction & competition, and ‘Experience the Estuary’ outdoor events.

On Saturday July 28 we invite the community and all of Vancouver Island to ‘Experience the Estuary’ on a finale day of participation & celebration.  Visit the  Keeping it Living Website for more details www.keepingitliving.ca

A flotilla of human-powered boats are invited to parade from the Courtenay Marina to the K’omoks Band shores in a free, non-competitive event. All will be welcomed ashore by the K’omoks people and the on-shore community, to view the Blue Forest Art silent auction at the Band Hall, dine on salmon, and enjoy the Kumugwe dancers.
Autographed Canada One paddle.  Photo by P Jones.

A  special treat for paddlers:  One of the original paddles used by the Canadian voyageur canoe team during the Diamond Jubilee Flotilla in London on the Thames Estuary is coming to the Comox Valley.  It is decorated and signed by all 10 paddlers. And someone will make a successful bid for ownership on July 28 when the Courtenay River Estuary Flotilla is held.

Come Experience the Estuary and join us in Keeping it Living!   The Band Hall is on Comox Ave.. between Courtenay and Comox along the estuary shore.
The materials you need to view and bring with you for registration to participate in the Flotilla are attached to this post.

To read the Guidelines go to the link below:

Guidelines to paddlers

To fill out the registration and waiver go to the link below:

Flotilla registration and waiver

To learn a bit about our estuary view this 4 min video   http://youtu.be/vdTz9CnEBM8


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