Thank You for

Comox Valley

We have met our first community goal of $100,000 for Kus-kus-sum!

Although we still have $400,000 to go this is a great start. Below is a list of all the people and organisations that contributed to Project Watershed and Kus-kus-sum. We appreciate every donation large or small as it all gets us closer to transforming the eyesore in the heart of our Valley into functioning habitat. Look out for upcoming events and ways to help us unpave a parking lot and put up a paradise at Kus-kus-sum.

Names are current as of Dec 20th, 2017. If you don’t see you name listed below and you have donated it is probably because we did not receive your permission to list your name. If you would like to give us this permission please email or call 250-703-2871.

Donor Pictures

Here are some of the donors we caught in the act!

Corporate Sponsors

Megafauna Sponsors

Bill and Val Heath
Alexandra Calland
The Horgen Family
Marianne Muir
Sheila Borman and Tom Bennett
+1 other anonymous donor

Channels and Ponds Sponsors

Megan Ardyche
Patricia Carl
Amy Yakimyshyn
Jocelyn & Steven Ondre
Pam and Don Munroe
Jane & Wayne Wilson
Peter and Laurie Rippon
Deb Lacroix
Ellen van Heerden
+ 11 other anonymous donors

Mid/High Salt Marsh Sponsors

Mary M. Gray
Chris Bowman
Laurie Martz
Don and Jaye Castleden
Denise Savoie
John & Lois North
Bruce Mitchell & Carol Coxon
+ 13 other anonymous donors

Invertebrate Sponsors

Lori Kublik
Kathy & Rick Tae
Rosemary Sparham and Rodney Jones
Karen Graham
Jennifer Johnstone
Judi Murakami
Kairos Guest Suite
Maybeth Hoagland
Georgia Greetham
+ 20 other anonymous donors

Organisation Sponsors

Trees and Shrub Sponsors

L Leslie
Martha Jablonski Jones
Creekside Commons
Betty’s Birding Party
Frieda Home
Bill Heidrick and Kathy Woodley
Ron & Sandi Ulmi
Ross Munro
Jim Gillis
Norma Morton
Sheila Inglis
Sharon Waldman
William Henderson
Sheila Precious
Carl Graves
Norm Wiens
Kevin McPhail
Cory Frank
Diane and Jay Van Oostdam
Doug Hillian’s Retirement Party

Low Salt Marsh Sponsors

Rhonda Burden
Sylvia Dakin
Donna Young
Frank Young
Suzanne Gravelle
Tom Pater
Colleen and Mark Hanley
Kate Laughlin
Ki Fitness & Health
Debbie Haynes
Stuart and Jean Swain
Ward Thompson
Amanda and John
Astrid Davidson
Wilf Craats & Helen Koziol
Eugene & Deb Hrushowy
Audrey-May & Vince Colwell
Dianna Colnett and Ian Guthrie
Comox Valley Climate Change Network
John Snyder
The Kenny Family
Jennifer Sutherst
Ernie Stefanik
Timothy McCarroll
+ 71 other anonymous donors

Microorganism Sponsors

Heather Kennedy-MacNeill
Terri Young
CV Red Tent Womens Circles
+ 46 other anonymous donors