Indigenous Youth Bath Bombs Support Kus-kus-sum

Our latest supporters are “Bomb with us.” Not only a unique name but also a unique handmade product! Check out these lovely looking bath bombs. Their cedar fragrance is reminiscent of strolling through the woods on a sunny afternoon. Sage scented bath bombs will be available soon.

Order yours now!

Five indigenous youth in the Comox Valley created “Bomb with us” as part of the BC Indigenous Youth 3C Challenge. These beautiful, fragrant Cedar & Sage Bath Bombs are for sale for only $3 a piece for heart shaped and $4 for regular! All proceeds will be donated to Project Watershed and the Kus-kus-sum project. Check out their Facebook page

“The BC 3C Challenge is an innovation in experiential learning targeted for Indigenous youth ages 15-30, that requires teams to collaborate and balance the 3C values: (1) Community, (2) Culture and (3) Cash in new business ventures. The program aims to build skills and experience through training and an entrepreneurship competition for Indigenous youth.” More details here.

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