Project Watershed, in collaboration with Bayside Cafe, is hosting a Keeping It Living art show this October and November to raise funds for the restoration and protection of the K’ómoks Estuary and Kus-kus-sum.  We are asking artists to donate artworks, in whole or in part, for us to include in the show. All mediums are welcome and each piece must be ready to hang. Artists can decide what percentage, between 50% and 100%, they would like to donate to Project Watershed and they will receive either a tax receipt or a sponsorship receipt for that contribution.

We ask that contributers fill out the Art Donation form so we can easily track our inventory and communicate regarding drop off and pick up times.

Last year this event was very successful for Project Watershed. We sold 35 artworks and raised over $6,000!! Most of the artworks sold ranged from $100 to $600. As one piece sold we would replace it with another that we had on hand. To this end we will be accepting art from now until November 1st. As with last year, artists can choose to collect their unsold pieces at the end of the show or donate them to Project Watershed.

We are already have a variety of artworks donated. Artists include Juddi Pedder, Shirley Dickie, Monica Gewurz, Paul Nicklen, Harry Heine and members of the Comox Valley Photography Society. In addition to donated art, we will also have our Keeping It Living artworks on display.

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Keeping It Living Collection

Long Road to Comox


Artist: Martha Jablonski-Jones
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Original Size: 24″x72″
Print Size: 6″x 18″~ $100,
on canvas TBD~ $1000


Martha studied Fine Arts at the University of Alberta in the late 60’s. Her main focus in art has been physical place and how we dwell in it. This interest led her from Alberta to Vancouver, where she spent time painting the urban scene: alleys, run-down buildings, massive hydro structures. I loved the character, texture, and emotional feel of old places, imprinted by human occupation.

Upon moving to Courtenay six years ago, the first thing I noticed was the walk along the estuary. I didn’t know its history, but I was intrigued by its dilapidated industrial look, and the interface of nature versus structure. Visually, it was interesting, but I always wondered how something so unlovely could occupy the heart of the city. Find out more

Estuary Greens


Artist: Brian Buckrell
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Original Size: 18″x36″
Print Size:11″x22″ on paper ~ $100,
16″x32″ on canvas ~ $1000


Brian retired from the University of Guelph (veterinary medicine and agriculture) in 2001 and relocated from Ontario, with his wife Cathy, to Comox B.C., on Vancouver Island. He began painting seriously in 2004 studying with acclaimed artists in Canada and the US. In 2007, he invested in full time study at the Jeffrey Watts Atelier in Encinitas California, drawing and painting from life. He continues to study with exceptional artists today.

Brian paints full time – in acrylic and oil. Brian’s paintings are reflective of his love of the outdoors, travel, agriculture and rural communities. The more he paints the more his work moves towards abstracted impressions of his subjects.

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Stillness – Canvases out of stock


Artist: Andy Everson
Medium: Print on Archival Paper
Print Size: 12″ x20″ on archival paper ~ $150,
16″x 24″ SOLD OUT,
24″ x 40″ on canvas ~ $1000,

Also available as an 11×17 poster

The print is of the estuary looking from the Rotary stand towards where the LaFarge tower use to be. At the top there is a First Nations representation of the Orion star constellation (according to legend the dipper cup contains fog which is emptied on a foggy day into the estuary).


Andy Everson is a Northwest Coast Artist born in the Comox Valleyin 1972. He was named Na̱gedzi after his grandfather, the late Chief Andy Frank of the K’ómoks First Nation. He has a Master’s degree in anthropology and started seriously creating art in 1990 when he started designing and painting chilkat-style blankets for use in potlatch dancing.

Andy explores and expresses his ancestral artwork in a number of contemporary ways and has created many iconic symbols for the Valley and beyond.

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Living Waters


Artist: Martha Ponting
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Original Size: 20×20
Print Size: 14×14 on archival paper ~ $100,
20×20 on canvas~ $1000


Born Martha Sleight in London, Ontario, Martha was raised on a farm on the outskirts of the city. She has experienced Canada through living in various locations, including southwestern Ontario, Yukon, Winnipeg, Wetaskawin (AB), Sidney (BC), Calgary, and the Comox Valley.

Martha came to art later in life and is passionate about painting. Largely self-taught, she is an eager learner and experimenter. Her eclectic work is inspired by Emily Carr and others. Her medium of choice is acrylic on canvas.

Martha has settled in a new studio in a garden setting with abundant natural light. There she paints with exuberance and delights in welcoming visitors.

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Blue Forest – $100 prints out of stock


Artist: Shirley Dickie
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Original Size: 40″x40″
Print Size: 15″x15″ on archival paper ~ for a donation of $100 or more,

36″x36″on canvas ~ for a donation of $1000 or more,

SDickieposter 201311″x17″ Poster  ~ for a donation of $25 or more.


Shirley is a self-taught artist who has been art-making since grade school. She has been an artist for the past 40 years; practicing as a professional artist since 1996. She has received numerous awards and participated in a large amount of art exhibitions both locally and internationally.

Composition, colour and form come naturally to Shirley. She paints intuitively often creating work as she goes along. The composition and colour are decided during the painting process itself.

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Morning Mist – $100 prints out of stock


Artist: Rena Rogers
Medium: Photograph
Original Size: 11″x16″
Print Size: 11″x16″ on archival paper ~ for a donation of $100 or more,

Rena Poster11″x17″ Poster ~ for a donation of $25 or more.


Rena Rogers is a fine arts photographer who has been published in national and international magazines and has exhibited work in New York. She grew up in Vancouver and has lived in the Comox Valley since 1994.

Check out more of her images at

Mingling Waters

Mingling Waters

Artist: Jennifer Weber
Medium: Oil
Original Size: 18×24
Print Size: 14×18 ~ $100

Jennifer Weber Poster11″x17″ Poster ~ for a donation of $25 or more.


Born and raised in Ontario, Jennifer’s first art instruction began as a teenager when she joined her mother for evening oil painting classes. This experience taught her the foundations of constructing a scene and building up the layers. She didn’t pursue the arts in her formal education but ventured to the skies and was rewarded with her pilot’s license. Her working career ended in the mid 90’s with the start of a family.

A chance meeting with an artist in 2003 in her new town of Courtenay on Vancouver Island initiated a change and a future within the arts community. For three years, Jennifer actualized her dream of having commercial space for creating and showcasing her work by collaborating with 4 other professional artists to establish Art Alchemy, a studio/gallery in Courtenay, BC which still operates without her involvement.

Currently Jennifer works from a home studio in the town of Comox, BC. Find out more

View from the Courtenay Airpark #34 – $100 prints out of stock

View From Airpark by Bev Byerley

Artist: Bev Byerley
Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
Original Size: 36×24
Print Size:11×15 Sold Out

36″x24″ on canvas ~for a donation of $1000 or more

11″x17″ Poster ~ for a donation of $25 or more.Bev Poster


Born in Gimli, Manitoba, painter, printmaker Bev Byerley became a resident of the Comox Valley when her father was transferred to C.F.B. Comox in 1965. Bev’s parents recognized her artistic talent at a very early age and at 8 years old they enrolled her in an adult painting class. After graduating from high school in 1977, Bev furthered her studies in an oil painting course at the Banff School of Fine Arts in Alberta.

Bev is perhaps best known in the Comox Valley for her acrylic landscapes of the west coast and of Newfoundland. Her commitment to her individuality through the years has resulted in Bev developing a style uniquely her own. Her love of the land is evident through the images she projects onto paper and speak of a knowledge of her subjects at a grass roots level. In her application of the paint, images and colours are shaped with an impressionistic influence capturing the essence of the subject in flowing line and colour while also displaying a strong sense of design and balance.

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Keeping It Living Art Fundraising Details

As part of our Keeping It Living Campaign, Project Watershed has acquired a variety of locally created art called “The Keeping It Living Collection”. When you make a financial contribution to Project Watershed of $25 or more you get to choose an art poster. When you make a contribution of $100* or more – a limited edition print on archival paper (prints vary in size) (*to get a print of Stillness requires a minimum contribution of $150). Major contributions of $1000 or more enable you to choose a limited edition print on canvas. For contributions over $25 Project Watershed will issue a charitable tax receipt, if a print is chosen the cost will be deducted from the tax receipt $15 for paper prints and $150 for canvas prints (unless the costs come to less than 10% of the donation in which case nothing will be deducted). These are stipulation from the Canadian Revenue Agency.

A business who sponsors our work for $150 or more will also receive public recognition via a press release, placement of logo and link on our website and mention at appropriate events.

To make a contribution press the large green DONATE button below the artwork. Type in the name of the artwork that you would like to receive and whether you would like a poster, paper print or canvas print. Example: Estuary Greens Paper Print.