December 6 Carol Walk A great beginning

volunteers, carol walk

Volunteer team for the first ever Comox Valley Carol Walk

Approximately 90 people participated in the carol walk along the Riverway, including children, dogs and singers on balconies.  The bird participation was slightly higher.  Some of the trumpeter swans responded to Jim Boase’s brass trumpet.  St. John’s Ambulance, RCMP volunteers and camera club members involved added to the ambience.  At dusk, the weather was calm and cool; by the finale, light gentle flakes laced the singers.  Some were rusty.  Many had memories of caroling when younger or in Europe and other places.  We divided at the airpark loop so one group sang under street lamps while others strolled in the dark along the shoreline.  The Old House Restaurant made 10 gallons of wassail and carollers drank it all; every table was filled in the dining room.  Suggestions for next year are appreciated and additions to the volunteer team welcome.  Please leave a message at the Project Watershed office by e-mail or phone250-703-2871.  Have a good holiday season!

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