2 to 4pm
January 30th
Bayside Cafe

Come celebrate the end of our artshow at the Bayside Cafe. Project Watershed will give a short presentation, answer questions and we may even leak a few of the next great events we have planned for this year. There will be musicians including Harpist Donna Crozier to add merriment to the afternoon and an artist, Tabitha Shaw, will create an original piece for auction. The auction for Martha Jablonski-Jones “Goose Spit Clouds” will end at 3pm and the winner announced thereafter (an image of this painting is shown on this post). We will have raffle tickets, chocolate bars, art cards and of course, art for sale. Thanks to everyone for making this a success; artists and art lovers, coffee drinkers and Project Watershed supporters alike have made this a very successful endeavor.  It is a great start to our fundraising efforts in 2018!