Soon the salmon will start to run up the Puntledge River and their circle of life will go around once again. In celebration of this awesome event which not only creates the next generation of salmon but also feeds and nourishes much of the flora and fauna of the Comox Valley both the Puntledge School and the Puntledge Hatchery are holding family friendly events.

Puntledge School’s Salmon Day was held on September 22nd. The event was abuzz with activity as the children milled around the displays after class. Project Watershed set up the model of the ancient fish trap we created from Nancy Greene’s paper where children could color and add fish to the trap. Our display included a life-sized atomically correct plush salmon and Newton our mascot was on site giving high fives.

Don’t worry if you missed out we will have a similar display at the Puntledge Hatchery Open House on October 16th.