Signs of Abundance

Project Watershed is pleased to announce that eight of the Signs of Abundance Tour signs are up. The tour is designed to be a self guided tour of the estuary focusing on the topics of ecology and history. Two more signs will be erected in the near future to complete the tour. The location of the signs are shown in the map on this page. This was a community effort with support from Rotary, K’ómoks First Nation, City of Courtenay, Town of Comox, the CVRD and other interested stewardship groups and residents.

Click on the flashing dots in the map below to find information regarding the topics on the sign at that location.


At the far end of the spit


Macdonald Wood Sign located on the boardwalk at the bottom of Croteau Rd


Comox Marina sign on the boardwalk that wraps around Comox Marina.


Off Queneesh Rd near IHOS Gallery


Kus Kus Sum Sign located on the Riverway Walk in front of the Tides Buildings


Ancient Fish Trap Sign located on the side of the estuary in front of the Mansfield Drive parking lot


Millard Creek Sign located near the corner of Sandpiper and Millard Rd.


Trent River Estuary sign at the South end of Marine Drive

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